A sailing multi you can walk to the water

Not a true catamaran this Proa is a multihull with one large hull and an outrigger

A Proa is a Polynesian design of multihull. Like a catamaran but with one larger hull and one small. I like the proa’s. They are an efficient hull. This boat was built as a prototype, with the idea to build a larger version later on. With a simple unstayed mast and inexpensive sail the boat sails surprisingly well.  It packs up to be easily walked to the water.

Video – 1

Video 1 of 2 on the evolution of the little Proa. This boat was an experiment, which worked.. A cheap to build multihull sailing yacht that you can walk to the water

The boat has been a work in progress for a long time. Trying new ideas, adding bits here, improving there. Seeing what worked and what didn’t.

Marking out the wood

With the dimensions from the CAD drawing I marked out the lines of the hull sections on plywood to be cut.

The plywood sheets needed to be scarfed together to make the full length of the boat. The boat is 2 sheets in length.

Setting up the frames

A strong back was built extending the table and attaching to them the frames that had been cut.

Once lined up accurately the cut pieces of hull can now be attached.


Building the hull

Slowly the pre cut plywood hull sections are brought together around the frames.

Turning the hull

The hull is turned. Not a big deal in a boat this size! The frames are not temporary, they are part of the hull.

Building the outriggers

The outriggers were constructed in the same fashion as the hull.

But a lot easier this time. And no need to scarf the plywood either which is nice!

Video – 2

Video 2 of 2. Showing the boat in the water and further building and alterations to the boat.

3D printed parts were used in the later stages of the build, including the rudder and dagger board.

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