Playing around on the water in a small boat is a lot of fun. But what makes it even more special is, when the boat you are in is one that you built.

And, building a small boat is easier than you might think

with tools you probably already have at home and a small amount of inexpensive material, you can be on the water in no time, and without spending much money either. It can be a great father-son project too, working together in the garage. In the end, you’ll have something the whole family can enjoy.


Plans for building the 3.4m plywood runabout “Tewantin”. Same length and needs not much more material to build than Noosa but a much bigger boat in volume. This is a fast lightweight performance boat – you can build at home and the plans are now available. Click the button or the picture to learn more.

Tewantin - High Performance

An easily built, high-speed runabout you can make at home. This boat flies! Light enough to load on top of your car. Ideal motor size – 6hp to 10hp motor.

Geelong - 4.7m Multihull

Complete plans. There are many ways you can rig and use this boat. With an electric drive, she makes a great, stable fishing boat with tonnes of room inside.


Plans for building the 4.7m plywood proa – “Geelong”. Basic Plans so you can build this multihull you can walk to the water. Another boat you can build in your garage. How you rig it is up to you. She can be cat rigged as shown in the photos or you can Gaff rig the boat, giving more sail area with the same size mast. Rigging details are not included in the plans.


Plans for building the 3.45m plywood runabout “Noosa”. A boat small enough to build in your garage and walk down the footpath to the water. But large enough for a lot of fun on the water. She gets up and planes with a 3.3hp motor. Recommended motor size 3 – 5hp.Click on the picture to learn more.

Noosa - a 3.45m Runabout

An easily built small plywood runabout you can build in a garage. A great father and son project. Narrow enough to walk to the water.

Put wheels under your boat and walk it to the water – you don’t need a car. You’ll meet more people than walking a dog…

Builders at Work

Some examples of the great work under way. Photos kindly shared with me by builders, busy at work in their garages and sheds.

More examples coming.

Fine workmanship, by Tim and his Dad in Sydney – Australia.


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Play List – Building Tokyo Express

Play List – Small Boats

Play List – Other Builders Work

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