Video – 8

Cruising! In this video a 5 minute snapshot of the first 2 years of living aboard Tokyo Express.

What a transformation, after nearly 3 years building, freedom at last! A life totally different, in a good way..

It wasn’t going to take long to get used to this new lifestyle..

Waking up on the Noosa River

Noosa river became my home port.  Anchored opposite the sailing club, on the quiet side of the river.  At night when all the daytime boaties had gone home, the stars came out and the water turn to glass it was magic. The river belonged to me..  And waking up to this…

The boat in her element at last

The boat in the early days.  Anchored up in Airlie beach after the first trip. The maiden voyage! And making a cuppa in the galley..  It took a week to get up there.  But we only had the main sail. I couldn’t afford anything more. I didn’t have money for winches and many other things. But I was on the water, that was all that mattered.


I have never experienced so many beautiful sunsets until I started living on the water.. Those years in the bush working, I don’t remember any sunsets. They can’t have just started? With a 360 degree view of the world out at anchor suddenly so much more was visible. Along with the need to be in tune with the tides and the wind, I’ve never felt so in touch, so in tune with nature.

Video – 9

More cruising with a look at Sydney and a trip I did out into the pacific visiting french New Caledonia and Vanuatu.

This was the first and only time I left Australia with the boat, on an international voyage.

Video – 10 the last video

This is the last video in the series of building Tokyo Express.

It was nostalgic finishing this last video of the series.  Creating this story has brought to life the boat and all the good times building and living on her and all those who were involved.


Video taken by Malcolm heading for Geelong..

Delivery trip G2M

Posted by Malcolm Eaton on Thursday, 19 January 2017

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