Daggerboard Plans – TE40 (suit 40ft catamaran)


Full Plans for Daggerboard and Case – (version 40ft)

Dramatically increase your cat’s performance, by replacing the original boards with one large daggerboard, whether you are building a new boat or retrofitting an existing cat. The price is in USD. These plans are for building one (1) daggerboard only.

Main dimensions

  • Main dimensions
  • Profile – NACA 63-012
  • Chord (length fore and aft) = 1225 mm (48 in)
  • Height of board = 5m (16.4 ft) – approx
  • Draught (max) = 2.8m (9 ft) – approx
  • Draught (retracted) = 700 mm (2.3 ft) – (depends on hull)
  • Board area (in water) = 2.7 sqm (29 sqft)   (Side of board – not surface area)
  • Maximum Case length (fore and aft) = 1274 mm (50 in)
  • Max Case width = 195 mm (7.7 in)
  • Case height = to suit your hull

The board should be installed in a section of the hull where you can stand up. Usually, this is in the centre, behind the main mast bulkhead.


This download now includes the following pdf files (more coming):

  • Docs_Welcome-Daggerboard TE-40_v1.4
  • Docs_Materials List – Daggerboard TE-40_v1.6
  • Docs_Build Notes_Daggerboard TE-40_v1.0
  • Elevation drwgs_Daggerboard_v1.0
  • Elevation drwgs_Case_v1.1
  • Elevation drwgs_Nylon Blocks_v1.0
  • Installation drwgs_Case to Hull_v1.1
  • Installation drwgs_TE Example_v1.1
  • Plot drwgs_Dboard Ribs A3_v1.0
  • Plot drwgs_Dboard Ribs A4_v1.0
  • Template drwgs_Dboard Ribs (main)_v1.0
  • Template drwgs_Case_v1.3
  • Template drwgs_CNC Layout_Case_v1.0
  • Template drwgs_CNC Layout_Dboard_v1.0
  • CNC files – (all)

After payment, you will receive an email with links to download the above PDF files. The plans are almost complete, but with the drawings above, you have enough to start work now, on both the daggerboard and the case. The remaining drawings will arrive per email as they roll out over the next two weeks. Faster than you can build…

All drawings are vector PDFs. Zoom in without losing detail to work from a tablet, laptop or phone, or print the plans at home on regular A4 paper. CNC files are in the industry-standard dxf format. Full-size plots come in both A4 and A3, in case you have access to a larger A3 printer, so you can print the ribs at 1 to 1 scale and trace through, onto the plywood without having to measure.

Uni-glass used in the daggerboard and the reinforcing in the hull is calculated to suit your boat. In the download is a form for you to complete with the boat’s details, to calculate the correct layup.

Position the board off-centre so you have access through the hull. How far off-centre depends on the hull’s width, shape and draught. Drawings of the Tokyo Express install are provided as an example, to help you plan where to position your case.

Large side loads are developed to counter the sail forces, especially in high winds, and doing this efficiently means you point higher and with more speed. A substantial amount of fibreglass reinforcing is used in the case installation, details are included in the plans and tailored to your boat.

The board glides on nylon bearings and can be raised and lowered while under load. Both board and case are engineered to handle the large loads with small clearances, to prevent banging and noise. When you get back in the water, you won’t recognise your boat.

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Follow the steps at the checkout. After payment, you will receive an email with download links to the files (note – check in your spam folder if you don’t receive the email). Keep the webpage open, as download links will also appear after payment. You can download the files again at any time.

Note – there are no refunds on plans. If you haven’t done so already, please read the Terms and Conditions. Click “add to cart” below and follow the links to pay by credit/debit card. You will receive an email with the download links after payment. If you prefer, you can also pay with PayPal.

Note – if using PayPal, depending on which time zone you live in, there may be a short delay after payment until you receive the files. To avoid any delays, email me before purchase, to be sure I’m in the office. I will email the plans to you as soon as payment is received.

Boat plans – conditions of sale

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