A single large daggerboard – to suit 40ft catamarans. Whether you are building a new boat or retrofitting an existing one – this board will change the way you sail – forever.

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in your shed, building something that will transform your cat. This will be the best investment in time and money you will ever make in your boat. Go to wind like a keel yacht – but faster. 

Add more space to your interior

Add more speed to your boat

One Large Board – is Better than Two


Vortex losses around the bottom (tip) of a daggerboard make up a considerable percentage of the total drag. Why have two? Combining two boards into one – means a longer chord and the advantage of higher Reynolds number. 

When I relaunched the cat with the new board, I didn’t recognise my boat. I could go upwind like a tractor – only fast. But I was also able to sail slowly, in heavy weather, and still go upwind like a keel yacht. Steering was light even in the heaviest of conditions. The boat tracked like it was on rails. Assymetric drag is undetectable. 

Building one daggerboard and case is a lot quicker than making and installing two. And as a bonus, you have full use of the other hull; which could be a perfect place for the galley.

Sailing fast is easy – but can you go slow?

It ‘s easy to go fast in a cat, but when the weather turns against you, can you slow down, and still go to wind? This ability is important, but it’s not something many cats do well. 

Transform your boat – shave days off windward voyages

Being able to point high, and go fast, makes a big difference when sailing to wind. If you’ve done it you know what I’m talking about. Being able to sail closer to the wind, fast, will save you many hours in a day of sailing and shave days off a weeks passage. 


Build at home

simple materials

  • Plywood
  • E-glass
  • Epoxy
  • Paint

There is nothing low-tech about building in plywood. In fact, it’s the opposite. Wood/glass/epoxy are the perfect materials for this job. Flexing continuously, for years, requires high fatigue strength – exactly where wood and epoxy excel. After 20 years in service – this board is still going strong.

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